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We Know What you Prefer in Your Burger

what you prefer in your burger

We made a survey about burgers, in which more than 1,000 people (men and women aged 18-65) participated. The results reflect the decline of the ‘Burger Porn’ trend in favour of quality burgers made with healthier, homemade, and locally sourced ingredients.

  • These are some of the most interesting results.


– 98% of respondents prefer a homemade hamburger.

– 82% prefer burgers based on healthy recipes created by culinary experts.

– 92% prefer quality to quantity

– 70% want the burger to fit in their hand (huge burgers are a no-no).

– 63% want just the right amount of sauce, compared to the 26%, who prefer it to ‘drizzle.’

– 77% believe it is healthy to eat hamburger.

– 60% prefer local ingredients, compared tothe 40%, who like both local and imported ingredients.

These results show that the Burger Porn trend is waning in a sector that is now leaning more towards healthier recipes, with quality ingredients and local sourcing where ‘doing it right’ is a priority.

The survey, carried out by means of an online form, has obtained great participation and is the first step in our marketing and communication strategy, based on reconnecting with our customers after the pandemic and re-establishing some values in society that were being lost, such as: interest in what is local, healthy and sustainable. At 200 Gramos we are clearly committed to offer fresh products and artisan recipes, with a constant nod to the Canary Islands.

Check out the result with the following pictures:

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