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The “HAMBURGUESONG”, Our Solidary Initiative

200 Gramos created the initiative ‘El HamburguesONG‘, which consists of several chefs from leading restaurants in Gran Canaria creating their own burger, which will be able to be ordered in the 200 Gramos’ establishments. The proceeds from the sale of this burger were donated to the Alejandro Da Silva Foundation, which helps children with leukaemia of Las Palmas, in particular to their initiative ‘La Magia Comienza Contigo‘ (Magic Starts with You), which aims to allow children suffering from this disease to travel to EuroDisney.

Each Chef developed his own recipe for the HamburguesONG, whose common ingredient in all the recipes is SOLIDARITY.

The chefs and restaurants that have participated in this iniciative are:

Ángel Palacios: ‘Tradicttion, by Ángel Palacios’.

Mario Ureña: “Qué leche“.

Manolo Vilariño Eugenio: “La Palmera Sur“.

Germán Ortega : ‘La Aquarela‘.

Borja Marrero: ‘Texeda‘.

Here is a video in which Javier (CEO of 200 Gramos) talks about the iniciative and its results.

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