la canaria be happy 2022

Sometimes, you just gotta get out of whirlwind of and simply b e h a p p y !!!! La Canaria ‘Be Happy’! A new burger with which we will celebrate #HamburgerDay and the #DayoftheCanaryIslands. Try out the true taste of our islands 😉 We are Canary Islanders, we are happy people!

New Burger: LA CREMITA #LasDoscientasde200

La Cremita hamburger

This summer, don’t forget about LA CREMITA! Our new handmade limited edition burger with 100% smoked beef, artisan brioche bread with our recipe of gofio and poppy seeds, barbecue sauce, grilled mozzarella cheese, bacon, homemade mango chutney with a spicy touch, lollo verde lettuce, and our new creation: COCONNAISE! Coconut mayonnaise served at the table […]

LA CANARIA Hamburger: Limited Edition

la canaria

Introducing LA CANARIA hamburger, a limited edition product in 200 Gramos. This is a tribute to our islands, made with local products and following the cooking way from our land. A burger version of the #sancochodecostilla that you’re going to love! 👏😍 We are launching #LasDoscientasde200, which are new limited edition recipes (200 units per […]


Hamburgerism details

HAMBURGERISM is a movement born in the age of ‘burger porn’ to safeguard the true essence of the hamburger. 200 Gramos will explain it to you with this video.

We Know What you Prefer in Your Burger

what you prefer in your burger

We made a survey about burgers, in which more than 1,000 people (men and women aged 18-65) participated. The results reflect the decline of the ‘Burger Porn’ trend in favour of quality burgers made with healthier, homemade, and locally sourced ingredients. These are some of the most interesting results. SURVEY DATA: – 98% of respondents […]

New Burger: ‘CELIA CRUZ A la cubana’

Celia Cruz hamburger

Our tribute to the famous ‘Arroz a la cubana’ that our mothers always made. Just one bite, and straight to the heart! This will become your favourite burger. 🤤🍔🥰 With fried 🍳 free-range egg, #Teror (Canarian) chorizo, grilled #banana🍌, #straw potatoes, 🍟 and #SpicyRedMojo 🤯 ketchup. Do you want to taste it? Come and visit […]

Halloween Celebration 2020

Halloween Celebration 2020

Back to Halloween is our new recipe, and you can enjoy it from the 30th October to the 1st November in 200 Gramos’ establishments to celebrate this year’s terrifying #HalloweenCelebration #2020!

OUR BREAD: Back to Burger

el pan

Do you know why our BREAD is unique? 🧐 Because our exclusive recipe comes with a secret ingredient… Ramón makes it every day, and always with the utmost care. Do you want to try it out? Come and see us at 200 Gramos. We show you how in this video!

THE MEAT: Back to Burger.

la carne

The #BackToBurger philosophy is based above all on the #LOVE for the #HOMEMADE feeling and #FRESH products! We’ll let you know what that means, but first and foremost, let’s talk about the MEAT in our #burgers Always fresh, chopped on a daily basis, and made with extreme delicacy! Do you want to taste it? Come […]

Halloween 2019

Halloween celebration 2019

If you spent #Halloween with us, you might appear in this video! It’s already a tradition to come to 200Gramos every year and live a terrifying experience with us! Next year’s going to be even spookier! 💀🎃👻 #BackToBurger #BackToHalloween